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Application Spotlight

ITT Enidine Aviation leads the industry in novel aviation design technologies. From moveable bin motion control devises, to panel isolators, actuator controls, sidewall vibration and noise isolators, ITT Enidine sets the standard for aviation vibration isolation and energy absorption products.

Our application spotlight highlights some of ITT Enidine’s latest, most innovative aviation product designs. Stay up to date with the industry’s most notable new products to enhance the passenger flying experience of any commercial aircraft.
Meet the ITT Enidine High-Capacity Laminated (HCL) Bearings

Improving the reliability of multiple unrelated aircraft systems is a lot to ask of a single component. But it’s exactly what ITT Enidine High-Capacity Laminated (HCL) Elastomeric Bearings do.

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Meet the ITT Enidine Pylon Isolation System

Protecting helicopter cabin interiors from the noise and vibration of the rotor assembly and gearbox is no small feat. But it’s exactly what the ITT Enidine Pylon Isolation System does — improving the safety and comfort of passengers and crews, and increasing the longevity of flight-critical rotorcraft components.

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UltraLOC Airline Seat Recline Products: A new standard in versatility, dependability and integrity.

Our customers rely on ITT Enidine technology to help them enhance every aspect of the flying experience for passengers and crews alike.

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ITT Enidine Rate Control Products

For over 25 years ITT Enidine has been the preferred source for Actuation and Rate Control products for the airline industry. 

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ITT Enidine Rotorcraft Solutions

ITT aerospace product lines are continually expanding to provide our customers with unique solutions for applications on military and commercial rotorcraft programs.

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Strut Integrated Isolator

ITT Enidine has developed a unique isolation solution for strut mounted equipment.

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