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More control, more room: Improving the
in-flight experience for passengers and crew

For over 25 years ITT Enidine has been the preferred source for Actuation and Rate Control products for the airline industry. With advances in materials and design engineering, ITT Enidine revolutionized the industry with its first actuator/rate control unit on several commercial airline platforms for drop down stow bins in the late 1980’s. Since that time our products have evolved as rapidly as passenger needs for more storage capacity and easier access throughout the aircraft.

Innovative Product Development

Over the years the demand for reduced weight and easier maintenance products has allowed airlines to develop lighter aircraft enabling them to be more fuel efficient while still carrying a high volume of passengers and their belongings. ITT Enidine designed and developed the space saving actuator to meet those demands, by using plastics and aluminum components in these innovative designs compared to competitive models all metal design, the ITT Enidine product proved to be a space saving, easy maintenance option to install on many commercial aircraft.

As these aircraft are being designed to carry more passengers, space becomes an even bigger premium. The ITT Enidine rotary hinge damper was developed to meet this growing demand for a light weight alternative to traditional rate control technology. Comprised of an all plastic construction, this design allowed for maximum weight reduction, while maintaining strength to accommodate the high demands of passenger use day in and day out.


The Way of the Future...

As aircraft need to carry more passengers, luggage and equipment, premium spaces, like overhead stowage bins, are being redesigned to maximize cabin storage and optimize passenger comfort.
Enidine drop down stowage bin rate control solutions are helping to shape the future of aircraft stowage by reducing maintenance time, increasing stowage bin lifespan, and improving safety and comfort for passengers and crew.


Our patented load compensating rate controls, with a lift assist feature, provide motion control for moveable and drop-down bins. This makes it possible for stowage bins to open at a controlled, consistent rate, whether empty or filled with up to 100 pounds of luggage. Which means passengers and crew are able to keep more of their personal items closer.
They also act as a safety precaution. By providing improved control of the bin and limiting the opening time range, our rate control technology prevents luggage mishaps, and the unintentional injuries that may ensue.

New Space Bins Leverage LCRC Technology

In addition, our technology protects and prolongs the life of the bin itself, acting as both a rate control and positive stop each time the bin is opened and closed.
To assist with initial installation and planned maintenance of the stowage bins, we’ve incorporated a quick-connect mounting solution that allows for easier installation and removal of the rate control when necessary. No additional tools needed.
As airlines and OEMs continue to search for solutions to reduce maintenance costs and time, optimize product designs, control weight, and create a safer and more comfortable passenger and crew experience, Enidine continues to develop solutions that meet these unique application needs. Want to learn more? Let’s connect.


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